Coastal Maine Cottage Wedding • Donna + Ginger • West Bath, Maine Wedding Photography

Donna + Ginger hail from Texas and had never visited the great state of Maine before choosing to tie the knot here. Ginger put it perfectly, when she explained how they chose to marry in Maine:

“Although many states in New England have legalized gay marriage, Donna’s cousin lives in Bath, Maine and Donna had always imagined getting married on the water. So, all the pieces just fell into place for us to have a summer wedding, on the water, with family, legally, in Maine.”  Well said, Ginger! Donna + Ginger also expressed their happiness about a “great unintended consequence of having the wedding ‘away’ (ha ha Maine joke), was that our families got to spend lots of time together and really get to know each other during the long weekend. In hindsight we couldn’t have imagined anything better.”

Both brides are golf teachers (and actually met on a green!) who have a passion for adventure, locally made brews + each other of course! The two decided to take an epic road trip en route to their Maine Wedding. As soon as school was out for the summer, they hitched up their sweet teardrop trailer and departed the Lone Star State to embark on their journey.

We loved hearing about their travels (and were lucky to see some photos from their adventures too!) The trio (Donna, Ginger and their beautiful German Shepard, Skylar) stopped to visit family in Arkansas, stayed in a rural area south of Nashville and “stayed three days on a ridge outside of Asheville, NC watching sunsets over Great Smoky Mountain National Park every evening, enjoying the mountains and streams, and tasting some good beers. ” (As veteran road trippers our selves, we were just a little jealous…) They also camped on the edge of DC, stayed in a state park south of Boston where they “took a 13 mile bike tour all through the city, ate some great food, and drank beer at historic locations.”

From Boston, the next stop was West Bath, Maine for their big day!




We couldn’t have been happier for Donna + Ginger on their wedding day (umm, let’s just say we both shed a few tears behind our cameras. . .) Donna + Ginger walked down the aisle together, followed by their sweet Skylar, who was the ring dog. She wore a special locket on her collar, which contained the rings, and the officiant joked how she was better behaved than most ring bearers! (It was totally true!)


After their completely genuine ceremony finished, Donna + Ginger were toasted by their family and friends, and ate dessert first! (Our kind of people!) Then, we took some time to together to create images in the natural setting surrounding the cottage. All the while, their family and friends transformed the grounds for a lobster bake.

Here are some of our favorite shots of the lovely newlyweds!


When we finished taking portraits, we returned to a lobster bake, a perfect complement to their Coastal Maine Wedding!

The lobster and clams were a little perplexing to some of the younger guests. Their reactions were so much fun to document!

And, as any lobster lover knows, floss is often promptly required after feasting! Donna + Ginger, you and your families and friends had us smiling so hard all day that our faces hurt!


Following their amazing day, Donna + Ginger continued on their adventures. On Sunday, they enjoyed an amazing brunch at Mae’s Cafe before embarking on a boat charter with their guests. They also visited Acadia National Park and Prince Edward Island before heading home. Back in Houston, Donna + Ginger hosted a reception at a local brewery for many of their friends who could not travel to Maine. And, we are told, their friends “got a strong sense of the spirit and joy of the event just from looking at your wonderful pictures!”


Donna + Ginger, thank you for sharing your day with us! We can’t wait to see you again one day and catch up on your adventures over a cold one! We’ll bring along some lobster too!

Congratulations! xo

Officiant: Notary Public, Stephanie Batterman
Cake and Cupcakes:  Mae’s Bakery
On Site Lobster Bake: Gilmore’s Seafoods
Flowers: Donna’s cousin, Jahn
Hair: Crystal at Centre Street Salon
Boat Charter: Captain Ethan with Fish N Trips (Sequin Ferry)                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Cottage Rental: Dawn Sarro / HomeAway

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