Garden Party Wedding •Alison + Mark• Orrington, Maine Wedding Photographer

Alison and Mark traveled from Colorado to marry at her childhood home. It was a perfect August day for an outdoor ceremony in Maine, and the lively garden party reception that followed. The afternoon was filled with the sounds of a string quartet, lawn games, beautiful food, animated conversation and camaraderie.   Alison’s creative hands and DIY spirit touched nearly all the gorgeous details, from the stunning boutonnieres to the sweet kerchief display…in case of any tears of joy (which there definitely were when Alison and Mark were serenaded by her father and sister during the ceremony).  Alison and Mark opted to meet for portraits before the ceremony, allowing us to dedicate plenty of time to create both fun and timeless images before the big event, freeing them up to get right down to socializing with their guests after tying the knot. As the dusk turned to dark, the quartet (The Galley Rats, who ROCK!) seamlessly transformed their sound to energetic sea-shanties which was perfect for dancing the night away…

AliandMark-0001 AliandMark-0021 AliandMark-0026 AliandMark-0034AliandMark-0058 AliandMark-0061AliandMark-0546 AliandMark-0071 AliandMark-0098 AliandMark-0108 AliandMark-0120 AliandMark-0142 AliandMark-0146 AliandMark-0161 AliandMark-0178AliandMark-0189 AliandMark-0205 AliandMark-0245 AliandMark-0252 AliandMark-0286 AliandMark-0302AliandMark-0410 AliandMark-0423AliandMark-0496 AliandMark-0454 AliandMark-0695 AliandMark-0529 AliandMark-0728 AliandMark-0377AliandMark-0038 AliandMark-0612 AliandMark-0617 AliandMark-0628AliandMark-0584 AliandMark-0631AliandMark-0669 AliandMark-0674AliandMark-0704 AliandMark-0751 AliandMark-0778 AliandMark-0810 AliandMark-0823

Congratulations on one gorgeous day Alison and Mark! It was a privilege to meet you and capture the joy of your day! Thank you! xo

Venue: Family Property / Officiant: Lynn Hunt / Entertainment: The Galley Rats / Catering: Jane’s Catering /  Floral Design: DIY by the Bride!

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