Bangor Hilton Wedding •Abby + Drew• Bangor Maine Wedding Photographer

Abby and Drew chose their hometown of Bangor for their Maine wedding.  Abby kindly shared the story of their meeting, friendship and eventual marriage (YAY!) with us. We love how the story turns out…and we were honored to capture images throughout their wedding day. Enjoy!

 Drew and I met in college, when we were 18 and 19 years old. We instantly became friends and our group of friends hung out regularly throughout the week and on the weekends in school.  We had LOTS of fun times together when we were young.  I didn’t know at the time, but Drew had feelings for me and never said anything to me because the timing was always off with us dating other people.  When Drew was 21 he had a beautiful baby girl.  Shortly after, when I was 22 I had a beautiful baby girl of my own, and our lives grew separate as we were busy raising children.  After years of being out of touch, we realized we lived very close by one another through Facebook messages, and Drew asked me if I would meet up with him for a drink.  I said yes, and the timing was finally right!  From that point on we both knew we were right for each other, and reconnected at a perfect time.  I have known I wanted to marry Drew ever since we reconnected and on New Year’s Eve 2013, he asked me to marry him.  I could not be happier to join our families and be one happy family of four!

Here, Abby recollects their proposal… (Nicely done Drew, high fives all around!)

Drew and I had known for quite some time that we wanted to get married.  We had talked about it as something that would happen in our future, but never made a specific plan or set a date with one another.  On New Year’s Eve, 2013, I came home from work late and Drew was already home with Annabelle (Abby’s daughter).  He was in the kitchen, playing Mumford and Sons, and said he bought us a nice bottle of champagne to share together before our friends came over to celebrate New Years.  He was VERY smiley, and VERY happy, but I didn’t think much of it, and he proceeded to pour us glasses of champagne as I unloaded my work bag and car.  When we went to cheers our glasses he cautioned me to be careful because it was a “very expensive glass of champagne”.  I immediately started to question him as to why he spent so much money on the champagne, and that he didn’t need to, but he reassured me that it was fine, but just to “sip it slowly”.  I thought it was a strange thing to say, but we said a nice cheers and I took a sip.  He watched me carefully and asked how it was.  I replied that it was really good, and asked again if he really spent more than he should’ve on the champagne.  He told me again to “sip it slowly”, so I did, and at that point I noticed a bright and shiny ring at the bottom of my glass!  (I’m lucky I didn’t swallow it in one gulp and give him a heart attack!)  At that point I asked him “Are you serious!?!”  and he got the ring out, got down on one knee, and right there, in the kitchen, in the home we share and love one another in, he asked me to marry him.  And I said YES!!!  He then yelled to Annabelle to come in and told her I said yes, as he had already talked to her about it.  I am one lucky lady! 🙂

AbbyandDrew-0022 AbbyandDrew-0035 AbbyandDrew-0041 AbbyandDrew-0054AbbyandDrew-0011AbbyandDrew-0014 AbbyandDrew-0056 AbbyandDrew-0059AbbyandDrew-0066 AbbyandDrew-0060 AbbyandDrew-0079 AbbyandDrew-0089AbbyandDrew-0097 AbbyandDrew-0105 AbbyandDrew-0114 AbbyandDrew-0124 AbbyandDrew-0170 AbbyandDrew-0173 AbbyandDrew-0177 AbbyandDrew-0184 AbbyandDrew-0197 AbbyandDrew-0202 AbbyandDrew-0225 AbbyandDrew-0229 AbbyandDrew-0241 AbbyandDrew-0247AbbyandDrew-0260AbbyandDrew-0277 AbbyandDrew-0265 AbbyandDrew-0273 AbbyandDrew-0288 AbbyandDrew-0301 AbbyandDrew-0311 AbbyandDrew-0318 AbbyandDrew-0414 AbbyandDrew-0417 AbbyandDrew-0426 AbbyandDrew-0450 AbbyandDrew-0461AbbyandDrew-0465AbbyandDrew-0471 AbbyandDrew-0478 AbbyandDrew-0485 AbbyandDrew-0491 AbbyandDrew-0495 AbbyandDrew-0502-2 AbbyandDrew-0509 AbbyandDrew-0511 AbbyandDrew-0517-2AbbyandDrew-0519 AbbyandDrew-0523 AbbyandDrew-0531 AbbyandDrew-0539 AbbyandDrew-0545 AbbyandDrew-0547AbbyandDrew-0562 AbbyandDrew-0565 AbbyandDrew-0598 AbbyandDrew-0605 AbbyandDrew-0613 AbbyandDrew-0627AbbyandDrew-0632 AbbyandDrew-0667 AbbyandDrew-0677 AbbyandDrew-0687 AbbyandDrew-0712 AbbyandDrew-0720 AbbyandDrew-0725 AbbyandDrew-0731AbbyandDrew-0735 AbbyandDrew-0769 AbbyandDrew-0773 AbbyandDrew-0790 AbbyandDrew-0804 AbbyandDrew-0829 AbbyandDrew-0834 AbbyandDrew-0846AbbyandDrew-0887 AbbyandDrew-0897 AbbyandDrew-0902We met someone who shares our enthusiasm for cake!  AbbyandDrew-0906 AbbyandDrew-0924 AbbyandDrew-0966AbbyandDrew-0950 AbbyandDrew-0969

Abby and Drew, thank you for having us capture the next step in your story together! Congratulations! xo

Officiant: Pastor Robert Grove-Markwood / Ceremony Venue: Hammond Street Congregational Church / Reception Venue: Bangor Hilton Garden Inn / Entertainment: DJ Good Vibrations, Steve and Jim Leighton /Cake : Frank’s Bakery / Floral Design: DIY


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