Pemaquid Point Engagement • Kelly+Michael• Maine Engagement Photographer

We met up with sweet Kelly and Michael at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse on a gorgeous spring day to create some engagement photos. We had lots of fun, and took advantage of all the park had to offer. Stay tuned for their upcoming wedding next month! Enjoy!KellyMichaelEngaged-35

KellyMichaelEngaged-33 KellyMichaelEngaged-41-2 KellyMichaelEngaged-74 KellyMichaelEngaged-83-2 KellyMichaelEngaged-105 KellyMichaelEngaged-118 KellyMichaelEngaged-143 KellyMichaelEngaged-148 KellyMichaelEngaged-172 KellyMichaelEngaged-176 KellyMichaelEngaged-185 KellyMichaelEngaged-199Wabanaki Native Americans inhabited the Pemaquid Peninsula in the 17th century, thus we stopped for a photo op with the Chief as a nod to the area’s history.KellyMichaelEngaged-202 KellyMichaelEngaged-211 KellyMichaelEngaged-219 KellyMichaelEngaged-234 KellyMichaelEngaged-238 KellyMichaelEngaged-263 KellyMichaelEngaged-274Congratulations Kelly + Michael! We’re super excited for your Northport, Maine Wedding at Point Lookout Resort next month! xo

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