Boston Seaport Engagement •Alexandra + Hunter• Boston Engagement Photographer

Meet the lovely Alexandra and Hunter! We met up with these two on the most beautiful, warm fall day in Boston’s Seaport District (where Hunter proposed!) to have some fun creating engagement photos. We spent the afternoon exploring the area. Here are some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0010 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0036 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0042 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0058 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0071 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0097 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0103 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0113 During the session, we came across a few weddings….here are Alexandra and Hunter’s best “OMG-it’s-a-bride” faces….love it! Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0129 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0140 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0158-2 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0180 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0195 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0198 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0210 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0221 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0250 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0256 Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0293Allie_Hunter_Engaged-0271Congrats Alexandra and Hunter, we can’t wait for your Maine wedding at The Portland Club in June! xo

Beaver Lodge Wedding •Anna+Jason• Hope Maine Wedding Photographer

Anna and Jason got married in a place close to our hearts….Beaver Lodge, the very same place we tied the knot ourselves 5 years earlier! Beaver Lodge is a funky and charming lake side lodge in Hope – nestled between Union and Camden/Rockport – perfect for a rustic, outdoor Maine wedding.

Anna and Jason’s paths crossed back in the fall of 2008, when, according to the newlyweds:

Anna sat sipping a mocha latte on a Saturday afternoon typing a paper for graduate school at a coffee shop in Inman Square. Jason strode into the cafe wearing a pink button down and proceeded to sit across from her and write furiously into a worn blue notebook. The rest is history…

Their engagement story is a fun one, and made it into the toasts at the wedding. As told by Anna:

Jason took me out sailing on the family boat on the Cape one Saturday afternoon. It was a clear, warm June day. I tried to invite his sister along for a sail, but she was pulled away by his mom to check out new Toyotas, so we ended up on the boat ourselves.  We were sailing along peacefully when the boat stopped moving. I didn’t understand why, but later learned it was low tide and we ran into a sandbar. While we were perched on the sandbar, Jason pulled a little black box from his pocket, and opened it to reveal a bright gold and diamond ring with a green ribbon trailing from it for safekeeping.  He popped the question, I said YES, of course! And then he secured the ring in the boat’s cabin and dove into the water to push us off the sandbar. He acquired a nasty ‘boat-burn’ in the process, and I was so flabbergasted I didn’t help one bit!

Here are images of their lovely, fun filled day! Enjoy!

AnnaJason-0002 AnnaJason-0009 AnnaJason-0014 AnnaJason-0019 AnnaJason-0024AnnaJason-0034 AnnaJason-0026 AnnaJason-0046 AnnaJason-0054 AnnaJason-0073 AnnaJason-0077 AnnaJason-0100 AnnaJason-0117

After the Ketubah was signed by both Anna and Jason, the next part of the ceremony commenced!AnnaJason-0128 AnnaJason-0152 AnnaJason-0173 AnnaJason-0180 AnnaJason-0181 AnnaJason-0203 AnnaJason-0205 AnnaJason-0224 AnnaJason-0242AnnaJason-0924 AnnaJason-0245 AnnaJason-0275 AnnaJason-0298 AnnaJason-0303 AnnaJason-0332 AnnaJason-0354 AnnaJason-0390 AnnaJason-0438 AnnaJason-0442 AnnaJason-0451 AnnaJason-0459 AnnaJason-0464 AnnaJason-0465 AnnaJason-0477 AnnaJason-0478 AnnaJason-0486 AnnaJason-0495 AnnaJason-0497 AnnaJason-0504AnnaJason-0515 AnnaJason-0507 AnnaJason-0537 AnnaJason-0539 AnnaJason-0582 AnnaJason-0672AnnaJason-0602 AnnaJason-0681 AnnaJason-0698 AnnaJason-0741 AnnaJason-0754 AnnaJason-0767 AnnaJason-0774 AnnaJason-0788 AnnaJason-0794 AnnaJason-0814 AnnaJason-0832 AnnaJason-0834 AnnaJason-0849 AnnaJason-0872 AnnaJason-0890 AnnaJason-0895 AnnaJason-0911 AnnaJason-0696 AnnaJason-0935 AnnaJason-0939

Mazel Tov Anna + Jason! It was an honor to record this part of your history together! xo


Officiant: Rabbi David Freelund / Venue: Beaver Lodge Knox County Fish and Game Association /  Catering: Cafe Miranda / Cake: Sweet Sensations /Bride and bridesmaids hair: Bad Hair Days / Wedding dress: Hussey’s General Store