Maine Maritime Museum Wedding •Laura + Nate• Bath Maine Wedding Photographer

After our initial exchanges, Laura and I discovered we had a lot in common…from a summer spent in Alaska, being aspiring surfers, nature-lovers and oysters (well, I love to eat ’em on the half shell, and Laura monitors oyster growing for the health department, so she knows better and doesn’t eat them that way 🙂 ) Laura and Nate planned their wedding from Washington State, heading east to marry in Maine, where Laura spent part of her childhood.  Laura and Nate’s wedding day was shrouded in a romantic fog and some light drizzle, which made for some lovely atmospheric photos. And, it certainly didn’t extinguish their adventurous spirit. They still crawled over wet rocks and climbed up giant lobster traps to get the shots! Here’s a peek at their perfect day!

LauraAndNate-0001 LauraAndNate-0003LauraAndNate-0085

Laura’s “something blue” was a drawing of a little oyster, stitched under her gown. LauraAndNate-0088 LauraAndNate-0020

Gorgeous blooms by Nina Hirth of Pauline’s Bloomers!LauraAndNate-0040 LauraAndNate-0060 LauraAndNate-0067

We had a lot of fun incorporating the varied architecture on the grounds throughout the museum.LauraAndNate-0098 LauraAndNate-0103 LauraAndNate-0153 LauraAndNate-0164 LauraAndNate-0172 LauraAndNate-0177 LauraAndNate-0189 LauraAndNate-0194 LauraAndNate-0202 LauraAndNate-0211 LauraAndNate-0215 LauraAndNate-0239 LauraAndNate-0250 LauraAndNate-0264 LauraAndNate-0270

Loved this moment when Nate adjusted his ring, to his left ring finger following the ceremony 🙂LauraAndNate-0272 LauraAndNate-0313 LauraAndNate-0327 LauraAndNate-0334 LauraAndNate-0337 LauraAndNate-0342

Navigating slippery rocks in heels was no obstacle for Laura. And Nate owned it as a new husband, bustling her dress ❤ LauraAndNate-0343 LauraAndNate-0355 LauraAndNate-0358 LauraAndNate-0379 LauraAndNate-0382

As Laura and Nate are avid outdoor adventurers and rock climbers, we couldn’t resist this photo opp.LauraAndNate-0390 LauraAndNate-0392 LauraAndNate-0397 LauraAndNate-0415 LauraAndNate-0416 LauraAndNate-0422 LauraAndNate-0426 LauraAndNate-0459 LauraAndNate-0475 LauraAndNate-0499 LauraAndNate-0503 LauraAndNate-0544 LauraAndNate-0550

It was a night filled with delicious food, good conversation, and (of course….) dancing!LauraAndNate-0563 LauraAndNate-0587 LauraAndNate-0592 LauraAndNate-0597 LauraAndNate-0618 LauraAndNate-0624 LauraAndNate-0646 LauraAndNate-0656 LauraAndNate-0661 LauraAndNate-0699 LauraAndNate-0713 LauraAndNate-0721LauraAndNate-0728 LauraAndNate-0731 LauraAndNate-0735 LauraAndNate-0745 LauraAndNate-0747

Congratulations to you Laura and Nate! Thank you for having us along to capture your beautiful day! xo

Venue: Maine Maritime Museum / Day of Coordination: Theresa Gandler of the Maine Maritime Museum / Catering and Cake: Mae’s Cafe and Bakery /

Floral Design:  Pauline’s Bloomers / Entertainment: DJ John Marble / Hair: Better U Total Image Spa

Merrill Farmhouse and Barn Wedding •Laura + Emmett• Pineland Farms Wedding Photographer

Laura and Emmett chose to tie the knot at The Merrill Farmhouse and Barn in Gray – a rustic barn and farmhouse atop rolling hills of Maine. Part of the Pineland Farms campus, the venue is also home to a working dairy farm, nearby to Laura’s family cabin, where they have relaxed and vacationed for many years. Emmett and his groomsmen kicked the day off with bow ties and bourbon while Laura and the ladies were up the road, preparing for the big day at the Farmhouse.

LauraEmmett-0006 LauraEmmett-0023LauraEmmett-0062LauraEmmett-0066 LauraEmmett-0026 LauraEmmett-0031 LauraEmmett-0085 LauraEmmett-0087 LauraEmmett-0099 LauraEmmett-0106 LauraEmmett-0117 LauraEmmett-0131 LauraEmmett-0139 LauraEmmett-0161 LauraEmmett-0163 LauraEmmett-0175 LauraEmmett-0181Laura and her dad ❤LauraEmmett-0198

Speaking of Laura’s dad, his company printed their beautiful invitation suite!

LauraEmmett-0221 LauraEmmett-0267 LauraEmmett-0274 LauraEmmett-0280 LauraEmmett-0283 LauraEmmett-0292 LauraEmmett-0311It is often said that rain on your wedding day is good luck, so a brief shower in the midst of the ceremony must be the best! Despite a few drops, we don’t think Laura and Emmett could have smiled any bigger if they tried. LauraEmmett-0325 LauraEmmett-0336Laura and Emmett chose to incorporate a handfasting ceremony into their marriage. Handfasting dates back to the time of ancient Celts. Today, as couples clasp one another’s hands, they are wrapped with cord as they share their vows, symbolically binding them together. Laura and Emmett customized their cord from meaningful items in their lives:  a piece of rope from Emmett’s late stepfather’s scalloping boat, a scrap of the handkerchief that their puppy (Sasha – you’ll see her cute face soon) was wearing when they adopted her, and the hem of the skirt Laura was wearing when Emmett proposed. ❤ LauraEmmett-0360 LauraEmmett-0366 LauraEmmett-0388 LauraEmmett-0389                                                                                                                                                                                 ❤LauraEmmett-0395LauraEmmett-0423

Here’s Miss Sasha! We think she was pretty thrilled about the wedding too!

LauraEmmett-0415LauraEmmett-0214The flowers were designed by Laura and her mom, and provided a romantic feel in their vintage vases. Don’t even get me started on how amazing Laura’s bouquet of sage and lavender smelled!


LauraEmmett-0480 LauraEmmett-0486 Despite the raindrops, we knew we had to pay a visit the calves since we were on a working dairy farm! LauraEmmett-0498 Laura and Emmett chose to serve their dinner family style, which created a wonderfully warm and interactive community atmosphere.

LauraEmmett-0609LauraEmmett-0544 LauraEmmett-0559 LauraEmmett-0599 LauraEmmett-0644LauraEmmett-0627After dinner, we moved back to the barn, for cake (and a whoopie pie bar!!!) and, dancing of course. LauraEmmett-0651LauraEmmett-0656 LauraEmmett-0657 LauraEmmett-0679 LauraEmmett-0685 LauraEmmett-0702 LauraEmmett-0714 LauraEmmett-0738 LauraEmmett-0754 LauraEmmett-0759

The Delta Knights kept everyone moving throughout the night, and backed up Laura’s mom, Elizabeth when she sang “Reach Out”  by the Four Tops! Yeah Elizabeth!!!LauraEmmett-0798 LauraEmmett-0847 LauraEmmett-0859 LauraEmmett-0874

Laura and Emmett, congratulations on one awesome day! Thank you for having us along to document it! xo

Venue: The Merrill Farmhouse and Barn, a Pineland Farms Wedding Property / Officiant: Rev. Susan N. Allen /  Catering and Cake: The Black Tie Co. / Event Coordination: Sandra Christensen of The Black Tie Co. / Entertainment: The Delta Knights / Floral Design: DIY by the Bride and her Mom / Invitation Suite: Designed by Anne Read of Read Graphics and printed by Artco Inc.

The Barn at Flanagan Farm Wedding •Kristen + Santosh• Buxton, Maine Wedding Photographer

Kristen and Santosh chose to have a destination Maine wedding at The Barn at Flanagan Farm in Buxton, Maine. They spent their day surrounded by their friends and family from all over the world, many of whom shared wonderful anecdotes about the happy couple throughout the evening. We’re suckers for some good romance tales, and Kristen and Santosh kindly shared the story of theirs with us….enjoy it!
Santosh and Kristen were roomies and good friends in Somerville, Mass., until Kristen moved 3,000 miles away to Seattle for grad school, and then they kept in touch over email. They went on their first date when Kristen came home for Christmas break and they walked six miles (stopping for a snowball fight along the way) to Boston’s Chinatown through the snow because they had a craving for sushi. They stuffed themselves with salmon and tuna, sake and Sapporo, and just to make sure Kristen was thoroughly impressed, Santosh proceeded to eat a ping pong ball sized wad of wasabi in one bite. Something must have worked, whether it was the 6-mile walk, the snowball fight, or the wasabi-eating man points, because from then on they began dating.  Over the next year or so, they made it work, somehow knowing they had found the one, and the 3,000 miles of distance between them was merely a detail.

Ever since that first snowy date, they never say no to an adventure, whether it be camping trips on the Olympic Peninsula, white water rafting on the Kennebec and biking in Acadia, driving through Colorado, eating their way through Mexico City, and most recently traveling with Santosh’s family to Kerala, India. Though they hail from different cities and cultures, and they are opposites in many ways (organized planner vs. restless dreamer), they share strong foundations in their dedication to family and their desire to make the world a better place.

Here’s a peek at their gorgeous outdoor cultural fusion wedding!
KristenSantosh-0001 KristenSantosh-0004 KristenSantosh-0015

The teapot and tea cups were incorporated into a Malayalee (South Indian) Tea Ceremony at the start of the reception. Kristen and Santosh’s mothers served them tea and milk to symbolize welcoming into their families.KristenSantosh-0023 KristenSantosh-0034 KristenSantosh-0041 KristenSantosh-0062 KristenSantosh-0068 KristenSantosh-0077 KristenSantosh-0086 KristenSantosh-0109 KristenSantosh-0126 KristenSantosh-0153 KristenSantosh-0163 KristenSantosh-0170 KristenSantosh-0228 KristenSantosh-0240 KristenSantosh-0258 KristenSantosh-0288 KristenSantosh-0301 KristenSantosh-0316 KristenSantosh-0344

Kristen and Santosh infused their cultures into the day, combining secular readings and blessings with Malayalee Christian Orthodox traditions and prayers. Here, the Priest performs the Blessing of the Thali /Minnu, a gold cross necklace and a thread from the wedding sari. It was then tied around Kristen’s neck to signify the lifelong bond of marriage. This was followed by the Blessing of the Manthrakodi (sari). Santosh covered Kristen’s head with the wedding sari (a gift to the bride from the groom’s family) signifying that he will always protect and cherish her.KristenSantosh-0396 KristenSantosh-0427 KristenSantosh-0440 KristenSantosh-0498 KristenSantosh-0504 KristenSantosh-0512 KristenSantosh-0523 KristenSantosh-0529 KristenSantosh-0558 KristenSantosh-0559 KristenSantosh-0581 KristenSantosh-0593 KristenSantosh-0600 KristenSantosh-0604 KristenSantosh-0610 KristenSantosh-0645 KristenSantosh-0652 KristenSantosh-0681 KristenSantosh-0689 KristenSantosh-0692 KristenSantosh-0722 KristenSantosh-0770

KristenSantosh-0702 KristenSantosh-0805 KristenSantosh-0832 KristenSantosh-0850 KristenSantosh-0898 KristenSantosh-0904 KristenSantosh-0932

A huge congrats to Kristen and Santosh!! Thank you for honoring us to capture this part of your adventure together ❤  xo

Venue: The Barn at Flanagan Farm / Officiant: Rev. Dr. Thomas Varughese / Caterering: The Black Tie Co. / Event Coordination: Kathleen Pacella of The Black Tie Co. / Entertainment: DJ Pat Daniels of Double Platinum Celebrations / Guest Emcee and Drumming:  Santosh’s Attendant, Tarun / Floral Design: Snell Family Farm / Hair: Kayleen Desouza / Makeup: Ana Freyre-Harris

Garden Party Wedding •Alison + Mark• Orrington, Maine Wedding Photographer

Alison and Mark traveled from Colorado to marry at her childhood home. It was a perfect August day for an outdoor ceremony in Maine, and the lively garden party reception that followed. The afternoon was filled with the sounds of a string quartet, lawn games, beautiful food, animated conversation and camaraderie.   Alison’s creative hands and DIY spirit touched nearly all the gorgeous details, from the stunning boutonnieres to the sweet kerchief display…in case of any tears of joy (which there definitely were when Alison and Mark were serenaded by her father and sister during the ceremony).  Alison and Mark opted to meet for portraits before the ceremony, allowing us to dedicate plenty of time to create both fun and timeless images before the big event, freeing them up to get right down to socializing with their guests after tying the knot. As the dusk turned to dark, the quartet (The Galley Rats, who ROCK!) seamlessly transformed their sound to energetic sea-shanties which was perfect for dancing the night away…

AliandMark-0001 AliandMark-0021 AliandMark-0026 AliandMark-0034AliandMark-0058 AliandMark-0061AliandMark-0546 AliandMark-0071 AliandMark-0098 AliandMark-0108 AliandMark-0120 AliandMark-0142 AliandMark-0146 AliandMark-0161 AliandMark-0178AliandMark-0189 AliandMark-0205 AliandMark-0245 AliandMark-0252 AliandMark-0286 AliandMark-0302AliandMark-0410 AliandMark-0423AliandMark-0496 AliandMark-0454 AliandMark-0695 AliandMark-0529 AliandMark-0728 AliandMark-0377AliandMark-0038 AliandMark-0612 AliandMark-0617 AliandMark-0628AliandMark-0584 AliandMark-0631AliandMark-0669 AliandMark-0674AliandMark-0704 AliandMark-0751 AliandMark-0778 AliandMark-0810 AliandMark-0823

Congratulations on one gorgeous day Alison and Mark! It was a privilege to meet you and capture the joy of your day! Thank you! xo

Venue: Family Property / Officiant: Lynn Hunt / Entertainment: The Galley Rats / Catering: Jane’s Catering /  Floral Design: DIY by the Bride!

Cider Hill Farm Wedding •Veronica + Thomas• Waldoboro, Maine Wedding Photographer

Veronica and Thomas met in high school, shared the last 10 years together, and have two amazing children. This summer, they tied the knot in their hometown. Veronica and Thomas chose Cider Hill Farm in Waldoboro for their rustic, outdoor ceremony and super fun bash that followed.
We call it a bash for a reason! Let’s just say it was complete with face painting and a bouncy house for the kids (okay, maybe a few adults also took part 🙂 ), horse and carriage rides, an on-site pizza oven, a serious bonfire – complete with a s’mores and sparkler station – and fireworks!

Veronica attributes laughter to the longevity of their relationship. In reflecting further, she shared:

“Our children have taught us so many things, but most of all the true meaning of family.  And so we’ve said before, ‘we may not have it all together, but together we have it all.’ ” Here’s a peek of their big day, all together. ❤ Veronica_and_Thomas-0052

Loved this subtle, sweet “something old.” Veronica attached a tiny heart, clipped from the fabric of her mother-in-law’s wedding dress. ❤
Veronica_and_Thomas-0057 Veronica_and_Thomas-0127 Veronica_and_Thomas-0118 Veronica_and_Thomas-0115 Veronica_and_Thomas-0083 Veronica_and_Thomas-0076Veronica_and_Thomas-0215Veronica_and_Thomas-0218Veronica_and_Thomas-0263

Veronica and her attendants rode in style on the way to the ceremony! The guys had a little fun with transportation too.Veronica_and_Thomas-0240 Veronica_and_Thomas-0197 Veronica_and_Thomas-0182 Veronica_and_Thomas-0156 Veronica_and_Thomas-0261 Veronica_and_Thomas-0297Veronica_and_Thomas-0317Veronica_and_Thomas-0340Veronica_and_Thomas-0346Veronica_and_Thomas-0380 Veronica_and_Thomas-0504 Veronica_and_Thomas-0490 Veronica_and_Thomas-0479 Veronica_and_Thomas-0477 Veronica_and_Thomas-0474 Veronica_and_Thomas-0447 Veronica_and_Thomas-0434 Veronica_and_Thomas-0433 Veronica_and_Thomas-0387 Veronica_and_Thomas-0460Veronica_and_Thomas-0003 Veronica_and_Thomas-0045 Veronica_and_Thomas-0013Veronica_and_Thomas-0521 Veronica_and_Thomas-0606 Veronica_and_Thomas-0584Veronica_and_Thomas-0674Veronica_and_Thomas-0652Veronica_and_Thomas-0784Veronica_and_Thomas-0774 Veronica_and_Thomas-0745 Veronica_and_Thomas-0711Veronica_and_Thomas-0731 Veronica_and_Thomas-0876 Veronica_and_Thomas-0856Veronica_and_Thomas-0903Veronica_and_Thomas-0997 Veronica_and_Thomas-1049Veronica_and_Thomas-0917Veronica_and_Thomas-0931Veronica_and_Thomas-0927 Congratulations to Veronica, Thomas, Tara and Jacob! Thank you for having us photograph your amazing day! xo

Venue: Cider Hill Farm / Officiants: Tom and Anne Rumph / Entertainment: MLC live music band / Catering: Harvest Moon Pizza /
Fletcher face paint / Spears Farms /Floral Design: Shelley’s Flowers / Cake and Cupcakes: Laugh Loud Smile Big / Hair: Bad Hair Days Transportation:  horse + carriage Steve Akely

Happy Maine Wedding Couples! Happy Maine Wedding Photographers!

2015badgeWe’re thrilled to start the New Year having earned the 2015 WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Awards! We especially want to thank all of our couples for giving us the honor of capturing their day and taking time out of their busy lives to share their journey with us in our reviews!  ❤ Congratulations and thank you!!!

“The WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® recognizes the top five percent of local wedding professionals from the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism. Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the organization, winners of the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® are determined by recent reviews and extensive surveys from over a million WeddingWire newlyweds.”

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Wedding •Jen + Chris• Boothbay, Maine Wedding Photographer

Jen and Chris make their home in Ohio, where they live with their giant tortoises (we’re talking around 70 lbs folks!) Sherman, Matilda and Valentine. They chose to marry in Maine (where Jen’s family has vacationed every summer for many years) after visiting the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.  Jen recalls, “We fell in love with the Botanical Gardens on a visit last year when the weather was dreary and heavy fog was everywhere. There wasn’t a single person in the gardens that day and we loved every minute of it.  We just decided to get lost hiking in the rain and see where we turned up. It was a perfect rainy day in one of the most beautiful places on earth!  Our wedding is just an excuse to bring our friends and loved ones to our favorite place! (And to have an open bar while doing so!).”
As you may be able to already tell, these two have a strong sense of adventure and humor to boot! We shared countless laughs together. Jen kindly took the time to share some wonderful tales of their love story….enjoy! (Thanks Jen!!!)

Maine Wedding Photographer

JenandChris-0010JenandChris-0016The Meeting:  “Chris and I met at the Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, Ohio and started dating November 23, 2010.  (Jen’s grandparents actually met at a USO event in the exact same building back when it was a train station during WWII!)  Chris worked with the live animal collections and I teach school children who come to the museum on field trips. We just started chatting in the offices and soon started to hang out outside of work. I shared all of my favorite hobbies and interests with Chris – kayaking, travel, gardening, history, spending time outdoors and my basset hound Byron.  And he shared all of his favorite hobbies and interests with me – caving, reptiles, travel, hiking, camping, science and MMA. We agreed to disagree on the reptiles and MMA, however, now he is my awesome kayaking buddy and I am his tolerable caving companion.” (Note the tortoises’ gear below….a kayaking paddle and some caving gear 🙂

JenandChris-0041JenandChris-0046JenandChris-0035The Proposal:  “Chris came up with the idea that we should go to see the Moonbow in Cumberland Falls, Kentucky for our anniversary.  I booked a cabin and we were going to spend a long weekend hiking during the day and trying to see a rainbow at night over the Falls. (Side note – this is the only place outside of Africa where a rainbow can be seen at night.) When we showed up, we realized there was a religious revival going on for the youth of a local church, and we were booked right in the center of it all. We escaped by hiking during the day, and at night, we went to the Moonbow as planned. It was cold and we had headlamps to find our way around the falls since nighttime and giant waterfalls do not go well together. After Chris ran us back and forth from the top of the falls to the bottom and back again, I asked if we could go inside and warm up since the Moonbow was not showing up. He said ‘no’ and kept running us to different ledges and overlooks for another two hours. Finally when we stopped on one of the overlooks, I took a moment to fix my headlamp when I thought that Chris was kneeling down to tie his boot. I asked if he could fix my lamp when he pulled out the ring and proposed. I was so surprised that I didn’t even remember to answer! (Which he teased me about to no end afterwards.) Turns out he had been carrying around his great grandmother’s ring since early that morning.  We had been hiking up and down hills, climbing on boulders and crossing streams for 7-8 miles and it was in his pocket the whole time!”

JenandChris-0085Maine Wedding PhotographerMaine Wedding Photographer-0343Maine Wedding Photographer-0149We took full advantage of all the varied gardens throughout the property at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Frank, our lovely golf cart chauffeur, zoomed us around to different locations (even over the crazy terrain!) throughout portrait time (Thank you Frank!!!) Here’s a peek at some of our favorite spots.Maine Wedding Photographer-0171Maine Wedding Photographer-0268Maine Wedding Photographer-0262Maine Wedding Photographer-0304Maine Wedding Photographer-0312Jen and Chris infused their day with lots of personality and playfulness. Their close friend and officiant, Grant, kicked things off Princess Bride Style, “Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam… ” Yes, it made for lots of smiles and belly laughter!

Maine Wedding Photographer-0379Maine Wedding Photographer-0408Maine Wedding Photographer-0422Maine Wedding Photographer-0452Jen and Chris also opted for unity ceremony featuring their favorite happy hour cocktail…the rum and coke. They each added one of the vital ingredients, and the bevvie was given a quick blessing (a squeeze of lime) by their officiant.

Maine Wedding Photographer-0466Maine Wedding Photographer-0496Maine Wedding Photographer-0512Maine Wedding Photographer-0514Jen’s father took a quick moment (and a few quick sips) during the recessional to make sure that the rum and coke didn’t get watered down 🙂

MaineWeddingPhotographer-0552MaineWeddingPhotographer-0587MaineWeddingPhotographer-0608MaineWeddingPhotographer-0096MaineWeddingPhotographer0695MaineWeddingPhotographer-0709MaineWeddingPhotographer-0720MaineWeddingPhotographer-0680MaineWeddingPhotographer-0769maine wedding photographerThe reception was full of fun toasts  (including the recitation of “Come Together” by Jen’s father). Their cake (which was cut by an impressive sword) featured ‪Ordovician‬ fossils, to honor an archeological dig that Jen works at every year.


Congratulations Jen and Chris! It was an honor (and a whole heap of fun) to be part of your day! xo

Venue: Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens / Event Coordination: Courtney Locke of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens / Officiant: Grant Smiley/ Cake: Mae’s Cafe and Bakery / Catering: Sarah’s Cafe / Floral Design: Boothbay Region Greenhouses / Entertainment: DJ Michael of M.R.K. Entertainment

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Wedding Photographer