Merrill Farmhouse and Barn Wedding •Laura + Emmett• Pineland Farms Wedding Photographer

Laura and Emmett chose to tie the knot at The Merrill Farmhouse and Barn in Gray – a rustic barn and farmhouse atop rolling hills of Maine. Part of the Pineland Farms campus, the venue is also home to a working dairy farm, nearby to Laura’s family cabin, where they have relaxed and vacationed for many years. Emmett and his groomsmen kicked the day off with bow ties and bourbon while Laura and the ladies were up the road, preparing for the big day at the Farmhouse.

LauraEmmett-0006 LauraEmmett-0023LauraEmmett-0062LauraEmmett-0066 LauraEmmett-0026 LauraEmmett-0031 LauraEmmett-0085 LauraEmmett-0087 LauraEmmett-0099 LauraEmmett-0106 LauraEmmett-0117 LauraEmmett-0131 LauraEmmett-0139 LauraEmmett-0161 LauraEmmett-0163 LauraEmmett-0175 LauraEmmett-0181Laura and her dad ❤LauraEmmett-0198

Speaking of Laura’s dad, his company printed their beautiful invitation suite!

LauraEmmett-0221 LauraEmmett-0267 LauraEmmett-0274 LauraEmmett-0280 LauraEmmett-0283 LauraEmmett-0292 LauraEmmett-0311It is often said that rain on your wedding day is good luck, so a brief shower in the midst of the ceremony must be the best! Despite a few drops, we don’t think Laura and Emmett could have smiled any bigger if they tried. LauraEmmett-0325 LauraEmmett-0336Laura and Emmett chose to incorporate a handfasting ceremony into their marriage. Handfasting dates back to the time of ancient Celts. Today, as couples clasp one another’s hands, they are wrapped with cord as they share their vows, symbolically binding them together. Laura and Emmett customized their cord from meaningful items in their lives:  a piece of rope from Emmett’s late stepfather’s scalloping boat, a scrap of the handkerchief that their puppy (Sasha – you’ll see her cute face soon) was wearing when they adopted her, and the hem of the skirt Laura was wearing when Emmett proposed. ❤ LauraEmmett-0360 LauraEmmett-0366 LauraEmmett-0388 LauraEmmett-0389                                                                                                                                                                                 ❤LauraEmmett-0395LauraEmmett-0423

Here’s Miss Sasha! We think she was pretty thrilled about the wedding too!

LauraEmmett-0415LauraEmmett-0214The flowers were designed by Laura and her mom, and provided a romantic feel in their vintage vases. Don’t even get me started on how amazing Laura’s bouquet of sage and lavender smelled!


LauraEmmett-0480 LauraEmmett-0486 Despite the raindrops, we knew we had to pay a visit the calves since we were on a working dairy farm! LauraEmmett-0498 Laura and Emmett chose to serve their dinner family style, which created a wonderfully warm and interactive community atmosphere.

LauraEmmett-0609LauraEmmett-0544 LauraEmmett-0559 LauraEmmett-0599 LauraEmmett-0644LauraEmmett-0627After dinner, we moved back to the barn, for cake (and a whoopie pie bar!!!) and, dancing of course. LauraEmmett-0651LauraEmmett-0656 LauraEmmett-0657 LauraEmmett-0679 LauraEmmett-0685 LauraEmmett-0702 LauraEmmett-0714 LauraEmmett-0738 LauraEmmett-0754 LauraEmmett-0759

The Delta Knights kept everyone moving throughout the night, and backed up Laura’s mom, Elizabeth when she sang “Reach Out”  by the Four Tops! Yeah Elizabeth!!!LauraEmmett-0798 LauraEmmett-0847 LauraEmmett-0859 LauraEmmett-0874

Laura and Emmett, congratulations on one awesome day! Thank you for having us along to document it! xo

Venue: The Merrill Farmhouse and Barn, a Pineland Farms Wedding Property / Officiant: Rev. Susan N. Allen /  Catering and Cake: The Black Tie Co. / Event Coordination: Sandra Christensen of The Black Tie Co. / Entertainment: The Delta Knights / Floral Design: DIY by the Bride and her Mom / Invitation Suite: Designed by Anne Read of Read Graphics and printed by Artco Inc.

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