Our Pictures In Print!

There’s something about seeing our work printed on pages that we never tire of!

The newest edition of Real Maine Weddings Magazine is hot off the press and here’s a peek at some of our pics in the July 2016 issue. If you are planning a wedding it’s a great resource for inspiration, ideas and vendors for your big day!

Thanks to all of our inspired, creative couples and the talents that they work with who make beautiful creations for us to photograph! ❤A82A6388-2

Image information (clockwise from top left): Floral designs by Newland Florist; Couple photographed in Northport, Maine at Point Lookout Resort; window signage created by DIY Bride and Groom Sarah + Dan!; Guest book alternative (info coming!); custom coastal tie design Coastline By Anne Zimmerman & boutineer by Pretty Flowers; bistro lights; couple photographed in Portland Maine at Ocean Gateway; bridal bouquet (with artichoke and hops <3) by Broadturn Farm.



Rockport Harbor Wedding •Gwendolyn + Mark• Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer

Gwendolyn and Mark were married on a perfect July afternoon at Mary Lea Park, overlooking Rockport Harbor. They opted for a “first look,” setting eyes on each other during a quiet moment before theie ceremony, which provided a sweet opportunity for photos. Their ceremony and celebration had a relaxed, family-oriented focus, incorporating their daughters and nephews as their attendants. Following their vows, Gwendolyn and Mark celebrated outdoors with their closest friends and family at their home. The party was complete with pizza fresh from Uproot Pie Co.’s traveling brick oven; a candy bar (YUM!);  and we can’t forget the pool….or the Amazon Prime delivery on their wedding day…totally our style 😉 Here’s a peek at the festivities!


Congratulations to Gwendolyn + Mark (and Bella and Julia too!) Thank you for having Angie Devenney Photography capture your love-filled Maine Wedding!

Officiant: Gwen Galucki / Ceremony Venue: Mary Lea Park / Reception Venue: Maine Backyard / Catering: Uproot Pie Co. / Cupcakes: Laugh Loud Smile Big  / Floral Design: Seasons Downeast Designs / Hair and Makeup: Courtney Sylvester of Mahogany Salon


Harbor View at Jones Landing Wedding • Leslie + Miles• Peaks Island Wedding Photographer

A pile of sunshine, a ferry ride on Casco Bay and a salty breeze mixed with your best friends and family, delicious food and drink (don’t forget a pre-wedding lobster roll!) and a rockin’ dance party….now that’s the way to throw a summertime wedding in Maine! Here’s a look at Leslie and Mile’s lovely Peaks Island Wedding at the Harbor View!<3



Big Congrats to you Leslie + Miles! Thank you for having Angie Devenney Photography capture your sweet Peaks Island Wedding!

Officiant: Mara Dowdall / Venue: Harbor View at Jones Landing / Catering and Cake: The Black Tie Co./ Entertainment: Maine Platinum DJs/ Floral Design (bridal bouquets): Fiddleheads Florist / Table Arrangements: Miles’ Mom, Jean Walker / Event Coordination: The Black Tie Co. / Hair and Makeup: J. Kelley Salon

Point Lookout Resort Wedding •Kelly + Michael• Northport Maine Wedding Photographer

It’s Kelly and Michael’s big day! You may recognize their smiles from their Pemaquid Point Engagement session!

Kelly and Michael married at the summit of Point Lookout Resort in Northport, Maine which is along scenic route one, nestled between the Camden / Rockport and Belfast areas. The sky was a stellar blue on their wedding day and the view from the top of the summit  provided a breathtaking backdrop of Penobscot Bay and the surrounding Maine Islands as they took their vows.

Kelly shared a tid-bit of how she and Michael met with us…we’re so glad that they found one another!

Our “love story” began in 2012 when we were introduced to each other by our mutual friend Niki. After Niki told both of us she knew we would be perfect together, we went on a blind date at a local pub. (To back track just a little, Niki had been telling Kelly for two years about Michael, but they were unable to meet due to his work and military obligations). We sat at the pub getting to know each other and lost track of time. We didn’t leave until almost midnight! From that day forward, we have been together.  Niki was absolutely right, we are perfect for each other!

Nice match-making Niki! 😉 Here’s a look at their beautiful Maine wedding!

Big thanks to Michele Stapleton who worked with Tim and I as a third photographer on Kelly and Michael’s big day!

Congratulations Kelly + Michael on the Best.Day.Ever! Thank you for having Angie Devenney Photography capture your super fun Maine Wedding!

Officiant: Kristen Seidman (Michael’s Sister <3) / Venue: Point Lookout Resort /Cake: Sweet Sensations 3 Dogs Cafe / Entertainment: DJ Dave Dionne / Cinematography: Media Northeast / Floral Design: Coco Martin / Event Coordination: Lisa Tapken / Hair and Makeup: Jackie Hartford / Third Photographer: Michele Stapleton

Cheers to an Amazing Year!

2015 took us around Maine to photograph all of these awesome people! We want to take a moment to thank all of YOU, our fabulous clients, for a perfect 2015!

Your Maine weddings, engagements and senior portraits brought us to Portland several times, Northport, Warren, Hope, Rockport, Harspwell, Brunswick, Topsham, Bridgton, Peaks Island, Phippsburg, Small Point, Friendship, Popham Beach, Hancock Point, Chebeague Island and Walpole this season! Nicely done 2015, nicely done!

More images from these weddings and sessions will be blogged soon, but for now, enjoy this look back through the year!

Happy New Year, here’s to 2016!



Beaver Lodge Wedding •Anna+Jason• Hope Maine Wedding Photographer

Anna and Jason got married in a place close to our hearts….Beaver Lodge, the very same place we tied the knot ourselves 5 years earlier! Beaver Lodge is a funky and charming lake side lodge in Hope – nestled between Union and Camden/Rockport – perfect for a rustic, outdoor Maine wedding.

Anna and Jason’s paths crossed back in the fall of 2008, when, according to the newlyweds:

Anna sat sipping a mocha latte on a Saturday afternoon typing a paper for graduate school at a coffee shop in Inman Square. Jason strode into the cafe wearing a pink button down and proceeded to sit across from her and write furiously into a worn blue notebook. The rest is history…

Their engagement story is a fun one, and made it into the toasts at the wedding. As told by Anna:

Jason took me out sailing on the family boat on the Cape one Saturday afternoon. It was a clear, warm June day. I tried to invite his sister along for a sail, but she was pulled away by his mom to check out new Toyotas, so we ended up on the boat ourselves.  We were sailing along peacefully when the boat stopped moving. I didn’t understand why, but later learned it was low tide and we ran into a sandbar. While we were perched on the sandbar, Jason pulled a little black box from his pocket, and opened it to reveal a bright gold and diamond ring with a green ribbon trailing from it for safekeeping.  He popped the question, I said YES, of course! And then he secured the ring in the boat’s cabin and dove into the water to push us off the sandbar. He acquired a nasty ‘boat-burn’ in the process, and I was so flabbergasted I didn’t help one bit!

Here are images of their lovely, fun filled day! Enjoy!

AnnaJason-0002 AnnaJason-0009 AnnaJason-0014 AnnaJason-0019 AnnaJason-0024AnnaJason-0034 AnnaJason-0026 AnnaJason-0046 AnnaJason-0054 AnnaJason-0073 AnnaJason-0077 AnnaJason-0100 AnnaJason-0117

After the Ketubah was signed by both Anna and Jason, the next part of the ceremony commenced!AnnaJason-0128 AnnaJason-0152 AnnaJason-0173 AnnaJason-0180 AnnaJason-0181 AnnaJason-0203 AnnaJason-0205 AnnaJason-0224 AnnaJason-0242AnnaJason-0924 AnnaJason-0245 AnnaJason-0275 AnnaJason-0298 AnnaJason-0303 AnnaJason-0332 AnnaJason-0354 AnnaJason-0390 AnnaJason-0438 AnnaJason-0442 AnnaJason-0451 AnnaJason-0459 AnnaJason-0464 AnnaJason-0465 AnnaJason-0477 AnnaJason-0478 AnnaJason-0486 AnnaJason-0495 AnnaJason-0497 AnnaJason-0504AnnaJason-0515 AnnaJason-0507 AnnaJason-0537 AnnaJason-0539 AnnaJason-0582 AnnaJason-0672AnnaJason-0602 AnnaJason-0681 AnnaJason-0698 AnnaJason-0741 AnnaJason-0754 AnnaJason-0767 AnnaJason-0774 AnnaJason-0788 AnnaJason-0794 AnnaJason-0814 AnnaJason-0832 AnnaJason-0834 AnnaJason-0849 AnnaJason-0872 AnnaJason-0890 AnnaJason-0895 AnnaJason-0911 AnnaJason-0696 AnnaJason-0935 AnnaJason-0939

Mazel Tov Anna + Jason! It was an honor to record this part of your history together! xo


Officiant: Rabbi David Freelund / Venue: Beaver Lodge Knox County Fish and Game Association /  Catering: Cafe Miranda / Cake: Sweet Sensations /Bride and bridesmaids hair: Bad Hair Days / Wedding dress: Hussey’s General Store

Reid State Park Wedding •Colleen + Sal• Georgetown Maine Wedding Photographer

Colleen and Sal traveled from Colorado to be married in Maine. We spent a glorious few hours together capturing their joy and, of course, their vows! After creating some images on the grounds of the Inn at Bath, in the historic district of the city, we made our way to Reid State Park in Georgetown for their ceremony! Colleen and Sal wed on the edge of the Atlantic, in a private ceremony. It was a love-filled day, bathed in sun, salty wind and crashing waves. ❤ColleenAndSal-0006 ColleenAndSal-0015 ColleenAndSal-0025 ColleenAndSal-0032 ColleenAndSal-0050 ColleenAndSal-0051 ColleenAndSal-0061 ColleenAndSal-0071 ColleenAndSal-0075 ColleenAndSal-0085 ColleenAndSal-0095 ColleenAndSal-0098 ColleenAndSal-0114 ColleenAndSal-0116 ColleenAndSal-0140 ColleenAndSal-0142 ColleenAndSal-0153 ColleenAndSal-0167ColleenAndSal-0280 ColleenAndSal-0181 ColleenAndSal-0200 ColleenAndSal-0214 ColleenAndSal-0223 ColleenAndSal-0231 ColleenAndSal-0247 ColleenAndSal-0254 ColleenAndSal-0267 ColleenAndSal-0276

It was an honor to capture your love! Congratulations Colleen + Sal! xo

Ceremony Venue: Reid State Park / Officiant: Stephanie Batterman / Accommodations: The Inn At Bath

Maine Maritime Museum Wedding •Laura + Nate• Bath Maine Wedding Photographer

After our initial exchanges, Laura and I discovered we had a lot in common…from a summer spent in Alaska, being aspiring surfers, nature-lovers and oysters (well, I love to eat ’em on the half shell, and Laura monitors oyster growing for the health department, so she knows better and doesn’t eat them that way 🙂 ) Laura and Nate planned their wedding from Washington State, heading east to marry in Maine, where Laura spent part of her childhood.  Laura and Nate’s wedding day was shrouded in a romantic fog and some light drizzle, which made for some lovely atmospheric photos. And, it certainly didn’t extinguish their adventurous spirit. They still crawled over wet rocks and climbed up giant lobster traps to get the shots! Here’s a peek at their perfect day!

LauraAndNate-0001 LauraAndNate-0003LauraAndNate-0085

Laura’s “something blue” was a drawing of a little oyster, stitched under her gown. LauraAndNate-0088 LauraAndNate-0020

Gorgeous blooms by Nina Hirth of Pauline’s Bloomers!LauraAndNate-0040 LauraAndNate-0060 LauraAndNate-0067

We had a lot of fun incorporating the varied architecture on the grounds throughout the museum.LauraAndNate-0098 LauraAndNate-0103 LauraAndNate-0153 LauraAndNate-0164 LauraAndNate-0172 LauraAndNate-0177 LauraAndNate-0189 LauraAndNate-0194 LauraAndNate-0202 LauraAndNate-0211 LauraAndNate-0215 LauraAndNate-0239 LauraAndNate-0250 LauraAndNate-0264 LauraAndNate-0270

Loved this moment when Nate adjusted his ring, to his left ring finger following the ceremony 🙂LauraAndNate-0272 LauraAndNate-0313 LauraAndNate-0327 LauraAndNate-0334 LauraAndNate-0337 LauraAndNate-0342

Navigating slippery rocks in heels was no obstacle for Laura. And Nate owned it as a new husband, bustling her dress ❤ LauraAndNate-0343 LauraAndNate-0355 LauraAndNate-0358 LauraAndNate-0379 LauraAndNate-0382

As Laura and Nate are avid outdoor adventurers and rock climbers, we couldn’t resist this photo opp.LauraAndNate-0390 LauraAndNate-0392 LauraAndNate-0397 LauraAndNate-0415 LauraAndNate-0416 LauraAndNate-0422 LauraAndNate-0426 LauraAndNate-0459 LauraAndNate-0475 LauraAndNate-0499 LauraAndNate-0503 LauraAndNate-0544 LauraAndNate-0550

It was a night filled with delicious food, good conversation, and (of course….) dancing!LauraAndNate-0563 LauraAndNate-0587 LauraAndNate-0592 LauraAndNate-0597 LauraAndNate-0618 LauraAndNate-0624 LauraAndNate-0646 LauraAndNate-0656 LauraAndNate-0661 LauraAndNate-0699 LauraAndNate-0713 LauraAndNate-0721LauraAndNate-0728 LauraAndNate-0731 LauraAndNate-0735 LauraAndNate-0745 LauraAndNate-0747

Congratulations to you Laura and Nate! Thank you for having us along to capture your beautiful day! xo

Venue: Maine Maritime Museum / Day of Coordination: Theresa Gandler of the Maine Maritime Museum / Catering and Cake: Mae’s Cafe and Bakery /

Floral Design:  Pauline’s Bloomers / Entertainment: DJ John Marble / Hair: Better U Total Image Spa

Happy Maine Wedding Couples! Happy Maine Wedding Photographers!

2015badgeWe’re thrilled to start the New Year having earned the 2015 WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Awards! We especially want to thank all of our couples for giving us the honor of capturing their day and taking time out of their busy lives to share their journey with us in our reviews!  ❤ Congratulations and thank you!!!

“The WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® recognizes the top five percent of local wedding professionals from the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism. Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the organization, winners of the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® are determined by recent reviews and extensive surveys from over a million WeddingWire newlyweds.”